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Photo courtesy of Weibo

Weddings in China is big business. In 2014 it was estimated the industry raked in $80bn, up 40% from just 3 years prior. One very important part of the wedding festivities is the pictures. While in Western countries pictures are taken on the wedding day prior to the ceremony, in China couples pay for day-long wedding photo shoots, often times traveling to popular tourist destinations or even overseas for the most picturesque shots.

One of the best parts of coaching football in another country is to see how the local culture forms their own style and ways they identify with the game. We all remember the popular t-shirts in the 90’s that said “It’s not just Soccer, it’s a way of life”. For american football in China, this has taken on a whole new meaning. The wedding photo craze shows just how far the love of american football has come among Chinese players.

For your entertainment, GLF has compiled the best of the best when it comes to football themed weddings and wedding photos. Who knows, maybe some of our readers in the US will get some football ideas from China after looking through these priceless pics.

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