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The GLF experience involves a 9-month commitment. Fellows will be placed in situations that will stretch their capacity to relate to the world outside the United States.


Fellows accepted into the program are provided readings, contacts, and other resources that will prepare them for the exciting opportunity that lies ahead. Fellows should prepare to gain new perspectives and cultural insights on their host cities.

1st DOWN – Placement
Program staff works with fellows to decide on appropriate professional placement in China.

2nd DOWN – Orientation
GLF Fellows undergo an intensive 10-day orientation where they are introduced to other fellows, attend seminars on Chinese history and modern development, attend clinics on teaching football, and prepare the logistics necessary to have an enjoyable experience living and working abroad.

3rd DOWN – The Program
GLF language training, coaching and leadership responsibilities, and professional placements begin.

4th DOWN – Wrap-up
Fellows attend a wrap-up meeting to discuss their experiences and winding down their participation.

TOUCHDOWN – Building the GLF Alumni Network
Fellows become life-long members of the fellowship and alumni networks will supply future professional, academic, and personal opportunities.

Coaches story

BEIJING – Coach Sam StewartCHONGQING – Coach Chris McLaurin