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The aim of the program is to award individuals who demonstrate excellence, both on and off the field, with the opportunity to travel and gain once-in-a-lifetime experience and understanding of China.

Personal qualities such as adaptability, creativity, humility, patience, leadership, openness to new ideas, and respect for cultural differences will receive equal consideration to academic achievement.

Candidates must:

  • Be U.S. Citizens
  • Either be in their final season of playing American football at the NCAA collegiate level or have previously played at a similar level.
  • Have an overall undergraduate minimum cumulative average grade point of 3.000 (based on 4.000 scale) or higher. Grade point averages may include graduate courses.
  • Exhibit the values of American football, which include but are not limited to: leadership, accountability, teamwork, sportsmanship, passion, and citizenship.
  • Have no criminal record from the last ten (10) years nor received any academic or athletic suspension during their collegiate career.
  • Possess a passion for learning and teaching in an international culture.
  • Be recognized as an outstanding citizen among their peers and in their community.

Campus and community involvement, volunteer activity, and passion for teaching reflect core characteristics necessary to thrive in this Fellowship Program. Applicants should emphasize non-football related activities in their personal statement and application. Successful candidates will have demonstrated a record of high achievement, leadership, and a desire to learn a new culture.

Candidates must be U.S. citizens who have achieved a bachelor’s degree or above and have not reached the age of 30 before the start date of the fellowship.

Fellows will be required to complete a final report summarizing their experiences gained while working with their team, at their professional placement, and living in China. These reports will not be shared with outside parties and are only for internal use.

Evaluation of applicants is done in an equitable manner based on the requirements of the program. Fellows are chosen without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, marital status, or financial need.