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Letter from the founders

Thank you for your interest in the Gridiron Leaders Foundation.

We founded GLF to achieve two goals:

1. To create a platform where football athletes can reach their fullest potential as global-minded leaders; and

2. To embed core values through team development, using American football as a vehicle for sustainable friendship, international education, and cultural understanding between China and the United States.

As former Division I student-athletes and coaches in China, we understand firsthand the challenges entailed by a task of this magnitude. Our experiences have been nothing short of life-changing. We have witnessed tremendous personal and professional growth, and have seen the positive impacts football has sparked in local communities, athletes, and enthusiasts new to the sport.

GLF represents our efforts to give back by providing these same opportunities to other future leaders. GLF creates a platform for former college athletes to develop into global ambassadors by gaining ground-level understanding of today’s fastest-developing economies. If you share our vision for cultivating top student-athletes across America, or like us have had the opportunity to learn lifelong values from inspirational coaches and teammates, we very much welcome your support.

We are excited for the future of this initiative, and thank each and every one of our fellows, benefactors, and partners for their support. Join us in achieving a world united by the sport we love.

Chris and Zach